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Consignment Agreement

Terms of Agreement

This consignment agreement will be valid for a 180-day period. You must contact us prior to the contract’s expiration date. We will provide you with a 14-day grace period following the expiration to schedule a drop off for any remaining unsold items. Items that are not scheduled for drop off within the stated time frame will become the property of For the Love of Threads and donated.  If you prefer the items to be donated, please make a note in the special instructions box.

Our goal is to compensate our clients with the maximum amount possible and create a long-lasting relationship. Items will be priced according to their current market value, demand, age and condition. We encourage you to suggest any pricing expectations, and we will do our best to meet that request.

Method of Consignment

We are a consignment company that is based solely online. Please note that all items being sold on the e-commerce platform will incur a selling fee, and the consignor split will be calculated after these fees have been deducted.


Once your item is sold you will receive payment via PayPal or mailed check. Payout will be processed 14 days following the item(s) being sold.

Pricing Markdown Schedule    Consignor Payout-Here’s what you’ll make:

30 Day – 10% Markdown

Up to $500- 50%

45 Day- 20% Markdown

90 Day- 30% Markdown

$500 and up- 60%

By signing this agreement, you are agreeing to the outlined terms above and confirming that you are the owner of the items being consigned and you have the right to sell them. You are also giving us consent to sell the items you have provided us with today.

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